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I'm Maria Gaian

and I'm an intuitive green witch, tarot reader, herbalist, life & business coach & ecotherapist.

My skills allow me to help you to remove whatever’s stopping you creating your dream life. 

I craft transformational spells, rituals and ceremonies to help you make your life or business magickal.

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Welcome to the magickal world of Wild Fox Alchemy - a sacred space for healing, empowerment, and self discovery.

This isn't your typical metaphysical shop!

You’re about to discover how ancient witchcraft intertwines with modern healing practices to help you manifest the life you dream of.

When we're young we have big dreams - money, love, happiness, great career - but then life throws us curveballs and we end up miles away from our desires.

We end up stuck in a rut, feeling powerless to change things. If things are really bad, you could be struggling with depression and anxiety. I know, I've been there!

But what if I could show you how to take your power back and create your dream life as if by magick? 

I don't just sell candles, crystals and charms. I'm on a mission to help you heal and banish anything that stops you having the life you desire. 

But getting what you want doesn't just rely on creating spells, or getting a tarot card reading then sitting back and hoping for the best.

You can’t make someone love you, or wish for a pile of money and expect it to drop onto your doorstep.

It takes a little more effort than that.


In order to get what you desire, you might need to:-

✨ Dare to dream again;

😥 Heal your emotional wounds;

⛔ Banish your psychological blocks;

🤗 and learn how to manifest the life and/or business you desire and deserve

I can help you with that.

The Four Stages to Creating Your Dream Life

About Maria Gaian - Founder of Wild Fox Alchemy

Official Bio

I'm an eclectic mix of writer, ecotherapist, coach, counselor, intuitive green witch, Soul healer and magickal mental wellness mentor.

I'm also a certified herbalist, horse assisted coach and advanced hypnotherapist.

I describe myself as standing at the crossroads where science, Soul and Spirit converge.

Through my wild and magickal circles, retreats, and programs, clients learn to heal their wounds, banish their psychological blocks and manifest an abundant happy, meaningful life.

I love seeing my clients heal the deep soul wounds that keep them trapped in a prison of depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress using Therapeutic Witchcraft™ and Alchemical Ecotherapy™.

I live halfway up a magickal mountain in Spain with my Soulmate, five grown up children and a menagerie of animal companions.

You can usually find me dancing with horses, dipping my toes in the Mediterranean sea, or hiding away in my garden office creating magickal spells whilst talking to plants and setting things on fire.

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I’ve created Sacred Circles, rituals, books, and courses that focus on specific goals, including: –


🦊 discovering your true self and your purpose;

🐺 finding and keeping love;

🦊 healing the witch wound, mother wound, father wound etc;

🐺 easing the pain of depression;

🦊 relief from stress and anxiety;

🐺 recovering from abuse and bullying;

🦊 connecting with your Spirit Guides;

🐺 manifesting money and eliminating debt;

🦊 rebuilding your life after tragedy & trauma; and

🐺 banishing the blocks to business success.

My courses can help you eat better, sleep better, put the magick into your relationships, manifest your dream home, and if you’re an entrepreneur, banish the blocks to your business success.

The power to manifest your dreams is, and has always been, inside of you. You just need some help to harness that power and make it work for you!

Are you ready to get started?